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TSA Update 2010 – 2011

The Technology Student Association ended the 2009-2010 year with two successful conferences. 


The CT-State TSA Conference at Hamden Middle School on May 8 was attended by over 150 student members from 8 middle and high schools.  Students participated in 28 hands-on and display events including Structural Engineering (on-site build and test), Marine Design, Flight, Tech Bowl, CADD, System Control and Speech.  Many thanks goes to Dean DelGuidice for all his work and the Hamden Middle School staff and administration for the generous use of their school.  Also a special thanks to the State TSA officers from Hamden High School for a great job on the presentations at the opening ceremony.


CT-TSA had a great National TSA Conference.  Three CT schools sent 25 students to Baltimore, MD from June 28 to July 2 to participate with over 4000 other middle and high school students from 48 states at the National TSA Conference.  In all, Hamden High School, Windham Middle School and Sedgwick Middle School sent 40 advisors, students and parents to attend. Connecticut students placed in the top 10 nationally in 6 events.

Results:       Communication Challenge: 1st place - Sedgwick MS

Multi Media:  2nd place - Windham MS

Techno Talk:  2nd place - Sedgwick MS Team 2

Prepared Speech: 3rd place- Windham MS

System Control Technology: 5th place - Sedgwick MS

Techno Talk: 6th place - Sedgwick MS Team 1

Website Design: 10th place - Windham MS

Students were very excited to participate in a new event: Techno Talk – look for it at the 2011 CT-TSA State conference.


The 2010-2011 year is upon us and there is a planning meeting scheduled for Monday, October 25 at 4:30 PM at Sedgwick Middle School, West Hartford.  Our agenda will include conference planning, competitive events – new for the HS level, funding, TSA-VEX Robotics information, and state officers. 

All teachers interested in learning more about starting a TSA chapter are welcome to attend. Please contact me at Maggie_kaiser@whps.org with any questions.  General TSA information can be found at the national TSA web site:  www.tsaweb.org.

FROM NATIONAL TSA:  www.tsaweb.org


TSA is registering chapters now under a new national membership structure: 

The RED CAP: chapters pay a flat fee of $90 for up to 10 members, plus state fees.

            This is great for smaller chapters with 10 or fewer members.

The WHITE CAP: chapters pay a per member fee of $9 for 11 members or more, plus state fees.

            White Cap membership offers a middle path for chapters with fewer than 25 members.

The BLUE CAP: chapters pay a flat fee of $350 for unlimited members, plus state cap fees.

                        The Blue Cap membership is best for chapters with more than 25 members, or with

                        membership that changes with technology class enrollment


TSA is now participating with VEX Robotics in their 2010-2011 challenge “Round-Up”.  TSA-VEX event at the National TSA Conference will be the same challenge as the International VEX Robotics.  CT-TSA will be working to encourage chapters to participate in this exciting robotics challenge.  Information will be available at the TSA meeting for those chapters willing to start a TSA-VEX robotics team.


TSA has posted a survey for advisors and parents regarding the official TSA student dress code.  Advisors and parents can take the survey by clicking on this link:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/tsaattire

Maggie Kaiser
CT State TSA Advisor



All TSA registration is now on-line.
To re-affiliate, or join for the first time go to 
http://www.registermychapter.com/tsa/nat/  and follow the affiliation directions.Please affiliate for 09-10 as soon as possible to help the Connecticut TSA team plan for meetings and events.
Click here for more info.

Any questions, contact Gregory Kane at




Technology Student Association

 Advisor News

Welcome to the TSA Advisor News for October. 

Priority Membership
The deadline for TSA Priority membership is November 13, 2009.  All chapters with an active affiliation by that date receive the following:
*  A TSA Gold Seal certificate
*  Uninterrupted service
*  A free 2009-2010
TSA Information Directory
*  A
TSA logo poster
*  A small gift of appreciation
*  Plus the below standard benefits
Membership affiliations completed after November 13, 2009 receive the standard TSA benefits:
*  The Total
TSA CD - one CD (HS or MS) with competitive event guidelines, leadership lessons and membership
*  Online access to print membership cards
*  Email updates about important national
TSA events
*  The ability to participate in local, state and national TSA conferences

Although many states have membership deadlines for participation in certain events (leadership conference, state conference, etc.) membership is accepted at any time up until the national TSA conference in June. 

TSA State President/National Officer Webinar 
The first state president/national officer webinar took place on October 4, 2009.  The topic of the webinar was "Revisions to the June 2009 Amendment of the TSA Bylaws."

Peter Andrews, national TSA president, summarized the bylaw amendment that was proposed at the June 2009 national TSA conference and reviewed with the webinar participants the reason the proposal was created.  Adam Knecht, national TSA reporter and chair of the TSA Bylaw Amendment committee, identified the goals and progress of the committee thus far.  The committee members are gathering input from the states and making suggestions for revisions to the current amendment.  The national TSA officers asked all webinar participants to keep their fellow state officers and state advisors informed of the webinar discussion.

The attendees of the webinar learned that the opportunity to speak with other state presidents and the national officers was of great value to them.  They would like national TSA to host aother webinar during this school year.  State advisors will be notified when this is scheduled.

Engineering Alliance 
Last spring a partnership between PLTW, TSA and SkillsUSA w as formed and the creation of Engineering Alliance was announced.  This program will provide a limited number of virtual competitions and leadership activities aligned with the PLTW curriculum and offered to PLTW schools.  To learn more about Engineering Alliance you may view the press release and the q&A.
Engineering Alliance will be available in January 2010.

Plan Now for Baltimore 
Make your plans now to attend the 2010 National TSA Conference in Baltimore, MD June 28-July 2.  Baltimore promises to be an exciting venue! 
Check out TSA's website for a preview of all that Baltimore has to offer. 
Ready to make your reservations?  Take a look at the accommodations available for the TSA conference attendees.

Registration now open for 2009-2010 F1 in Schools Challenge
F1 in Schools provides an exciting, challenging educational experience - through the appeal of Formula One - for middle and high school students to increase their knowledge and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). For questions or information about the F1 Challenge contact Hillary Lee at the national TSA office. Or, visit the TSA website at www.tsaweb.org and click on Competitions, a nd then The F1 Challenge. 

State Membership Information and Reports 
Make sure to take advantage of the information offered through your state advisor login on the TSA website!
You can access all of the following information by going to www.tsaweb.org, clicking on Manage My TSA, and then on State Advisors.  You will need to complete your state advisor username and password (if you have forgotten what they are, please let Sandy Honour
*  Access the membership report for national TSA and your state TSA
*  If you chose to have the mentoring option f or your state, check to see who would like a mentor and who has
     volunteered to be a mentor
* Check on the status of any school in your state that has a TSA record created (find out which schools have started
     affiliations but not yet completed them)
* Export data for reports and labels
* Look up advisors, schools and alumni

Technology Student Association
1914 Association Drive
Reston, VA  20191





              Windham High School TSA  &   Windham Middle School TSA

                                  Technology Student Association

                                          Advisor- Mr. Hutson

Welcome Windham HS and MS TSA Students, Parents and Friends

Windham TSA (WHS &WMS) is beginning its 14th year as both state and national chapters in the Technology Student Association-USA.   I am honored to have your child involved with this excellent organization.  Please be aware that most correspondence regarding meetings, field trips, parent meetings, and competitions will made via email.  I will attempt to have handouts available as reminders to be brought home by your child.  Any parent can contact me at school (860-465-2350) or through email at jhutson@windham.k12.ct.us regarding any questions, concerns or requests for volunteering their time.

Any parent wishing to h elp at meetings is strongly encouraged
At present, we have Mrs. Lynn who has volunteered (last couple of years) at meetings to help students with videography and graphics.  We also have Mr. Antaya, who is an electrical engineer who helps TSA members with electronics (helping in his second year).   We deeply appreciate both of these adults and encourage other parents to help us if possible.

Windham Middle School TSA: 
On Tuesday, September 16th their will be the first meeting for the WMS TSA.  On the agenda will be an overview of TSA, discussion of projects and activities, projects, competitions and field trips, along with discussion of candidates for officers to be elected for this year.  Meeting is from 2:35pm until 4pm.   All students are asked to make sure they are signed up for the late bus (if using the late bus) and should wait in the lobby to be called for the late bus or if they are to be picked up.   Congratulations!

Windham High School TSA:
On Tuesday, September 23rd their will be the first meeting for the WHS TSA in Room 130-Tech Ed lab.  On the agenda will be an overview of TSA, discussion of projects and activities, projects, competitions and field trips, along with discussion of candidates for officers to be elected for this year.  Meeting is from 3pm until 4pm.
Any students at Windham Tech who wish to join the WHS TSA, please arrange your individual transportation to WHS Tech Ed lab Rm 130.  Thanks!! Congratulations!

Windham Parent Organization:
The first Windham TSA Parent Organization Meeting will be in October (date to be announced).
As you know, the only way we accomplish so many activities is through the efforts of fundraising by parents and students. The Windham TSA Parent Organization was formed almost 5 years ago to get parents involved with our students and to provide a strong fundraising base to support TSA.   Your involvement with our Parent Organization is extremely important not only for TSA, but most importantly to your child.  Thank you in advance for your support!

 CT  TSA Officer Training:
We are arranging to have our Fall TSA Officer Training at the USCG Academy in October.  We are currently finalizing this field trip and workshop.  Details will be sent out within the next two weeks. All Windham TSA members are invited who wish to participate in being an elected officer in our TSA.

Windham VEX Robotics:
Last year was our first year in VEX Robotics.   Last year we placed 19 out of 32 HS teams, which was outstanding!  We are looking for at least one HS and one MS VEX Team.  Information will follow soon to join this area of TSA.

Windham TSA National Awards for 2009 at the National TSA Conference in Denver, Colorado:
2009 TSA CAP Chapter Excellence Award- Windham Middle School TSA
Cyberspace Pursuit-Web Site Design
-6th Place in USA/TSA- WMS TSA-Braden Lynn
TSA Multimedia
 - 6th Place in USA/TSA - WMS TSA-Braden Lynn
Graphic Design
  - 7th Place in USA/TSA - WMS TSA-Braden Lynn
Congratulations to Braden Lynn and Windham TSA

Jim Hutson
Windham HS & MS TSA Advisor
Windham VEX Robotics Advisor - WHS/WMS

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